Offline custom
vision systems

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Patented hardware for blood detection on egg sorting machines.Transmittance and reflection teston eyesore lenses, liquid spectrumanalysis for inline applications

📥 Download Blood Detection data sheet (46 download )
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Inline vision systems

Custom Vision head optimized for inline inspection of surfaces, edges, inner holes, integrated with the automation for sorting and defected products recognition. 3D sensors for robot guide, bin picking and sorting.


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Ultra wide band

Revolutionary proximity alert system based on Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology for distance monitoring and alarm, position scanning, tracking and collision alarm

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Food Processiong

Vision system for egg sorting with dirty and lacking detection, fully customizable for different range of production and defects. Multiple receipt, brown or white eggs analysis,integrable with blood sensors and crack detection.

📥 Download Eggs Vision System data sheet (29 download )
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InLine QR code and Bar code reading with patented vision system and illuminator, volume and weights canning, data management with FTP transmission to customer servers. Industry 4.0 solution.

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